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Imagine a project where all tasks, requirements, change requests, defects and test results are inter-related in a system just as they are in the real world, and kept current by the team members working them. All supporting documents and files are linked to every related object with the full history of all changes maintained automatically.  Detailed and high level status is always available, and team members always see the same, current project information worldwide and know exactly what's expected of them.

No project management heroics or "science projects" required to pull all the information together to stay on top of project status or respond to management updates.  Early in the life of each task and project, management can see how likely every project and task will finish on time with increasing confidence using effort based earned value calculations, not blue sky "percent complete" guessing.  

That's true project collaboration and how world class organizations run their projects.

Now stop imagining and start using Projectricity to see for yourself. Projectricity provides truly easy-to-use project collaboration tools that tie together all the critical types of project information revealing how they all fit providing full traceability between information types.

Requirements link to tasks, change requests, defects and test cases.  Test cases link to requirements, and test case failures link to defects for everyone to see and follow.  Subscribed users are automatically notified when any piece of project information changes, either immediately or via a daily summary.  Supporting documents and files are also linked to each type of project information.

Start using Projectricity with your projects and  see what world class project information management and collaboration looks like.



Create, monitor and control individual projects from proposal to completion.

Projects are created for specific work efforts and consist of project level milestones, metrics and assigned project team members

Project identification and tracking from proposal to completion
Executive Dashboard type view
Project Charters - team members, high level information


Tasks are far more than just action items with due dates and guessed at percent-complete values.

Tasks in Projectricity bring together actual hours with estimate-to-complete (ETC) hours to calculate effort based earned value.

Percent complete is calculated, not guessed at.


Perhaps the most critical type of project information is requirements.  

If requirements are not properly identified and communicated to the rest of the team, it doesn't matter how efficient your project management and development is.  You won't deliver what was actually needed.

Projectricity requirements are hierarchical, traceable and collaborative.  Target product release and full versioning is supported.


Change requests, defects and support requests are critical connecting types of project information.

These service requests tie requirements, tasks and test case results together greatly enhancing the service request resolution workflow.


Test plans are templates of test cases which can be instantiated supporting repeated regression testing.

Create test cases for all requirements, and know that each requirement has been tested

Defects for each test case failure can be quickly created and linked  together.


An integrated document respository supports each of the tools within the system.

Store suporting project documents and files centrally and link to any other object in the system, such as requirements, tasks and service requests.

Documents are versioned and support check-in and check-out.


Information from one or all projects is consolidated into a single project portal view for each user.
All tasks, assigned requirements, change requests, defects and more are always available in a clear concise presentation for each user. 
Each user has full control of how that information is presented to them using Projectricity's remarkably powerful custom reporting features.


Customize how Projectricity works for your organization and projects.  
You have full control over drop-down values, user security roles, project products and releases, system preferences and more.


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  • "Now that we've used Projectricity for our Federal government client for over a year, I can tell you that it is one of the best Software Development Project Management Tool Suites that I have used, and is certainly the best value. As you know, we evaluated a number of tools, and found that all others were either too expensive or incomplete.


    We found only a handful of tools that supported the entire Software Development Life Cycle, from requirements management through testing and release management to helpdesk support. All of those products are a magnitude of order more expensive than Projectricity, and none included the project management, scheduling and earned-value reporting capability that Projectricity has.


    Most of the products we evaluated evolved from a particular type of tool, such as a testing tool or a trouble ticket system, but did not support the full lifecycle. When we evaluated a "best-of-breed" approach, we found that we would need to procure at least 3-4 products, with a combined cost again as much as tenfold what we pay for Projectricity, and with no integration! Projectricity, on the other hand, has strong integration features, with capabilities to attach files, create internal and external links and import complex data (e.g., from Microsoft Project). The inherent capability to link any elements makes Projectricity a very powerful tool. We link use cases to requirements to modules to test cases to test scripts to discrepancy reports, and so on. The user-defined field also provide a great deal of flexibility and extensibility.


    Your hosted web-based solution and intuitive user interface also enabled us to (literally) begin using the tool on day one, saving us the cost of extensive training and systems administration. I also appreciate your responsiveness in regard to our requests for enhancements."

    Carl Hallinan
    Project Manager
    Creative Information Technology, Inc.
  • "mVerify is in the business of providing testing products from a rigorous, formal model-based approach because the efficiency and quality that result are nothing less than astounding.

    The same can be said for how Projectricity has helped mVerify reach the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency in our requirements definition. Projectricity turns the promise of good theory in requirements management into real, solid results. Projectricity does this through a good, clean and highly usable tool that handles the real-world complexities of requirements management."

    Paul Sand
    Vice President, Business Development
    mVerify Corporation
  • "It is rare that a tool enters the market designed around how work is actually done. When this occurs, customers truly experience the power of enabling technology versus a feature-functionality software monster that makes the work harder rather than easier.

    Projectricity falls into the first category. Properly utilized and implemented, this tool will, without a doubt, help any IT shop improve their efficiency and effectiveness.  

    A key benefit of the Projectricity design is that it is neither methodology dependent nor unfriendly. This means that it can be utilized on any size project, with any level of complexity, and within any approach to development and project management discipline. This flexibility allows the user to benefit from the power of Projectricity regardless of approach or existing structure. It is truly an adaptable and enabling tool.

    Any technologist or manager looking for a cost effective way to avoid the pain of technology at the speed of stupid and gain maximum ROI on their technology investments would be stupid not to seriously consider this powerful tool."  

    Dan Burke
    President, Executive Thought
    Author "Business at the Speed of Stupid"



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