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Create and manage users with custom designed role-based user security.  Configure drop down values for each tool using a system administration facility.

Configure system-wide default timezone settings and date formats, which each user can configure individually for wherever they are in the world.

Define products and associated releases which requirements, tasks and service requests can be assigned to.


An integrated system administraion facility gives your administrators full control over users, drop-down values and other system preferences.   Select from a detailed set of default security roles or create your own custom security roles to provide just the access your users need.

The Projectricity system administration facility gives you control over the following:

  • Users

                 Assign security roles

  • Security Roles

                 Use pre-defined security roles
                 Create custom security roles

  • User Access Reporting

                 See login and system usage activity by user

  • Product Release Management
            Define products with associated releases / versions
  • System Preferences

                  Timezone defaults
                  Date and time display format defaults