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Create, view and follow links to other types of project information directly from any other type of project information.

Easily create new links to existing or new objects.


By nature, different types of project information have important relationships to other types of project information.  Without being able to create and follow those links, project information is left in disparate silos leaving critical relationships invisible and unusable.  Projectricity turns basic project data into truly collaborative and powerful project information.

The result is a powerful synergy of comprehensive project traceablility, not just between requirements, but all project information, reflecting the reality of how this information actually exists and is used.  

This is a key strength of Projectricity and reason enough to use it.

Object links within Projectricity allow links to be created from virtually any type of project information to any other, and keeps track of which object the link was created from.  Links to existing objects can be quickly created.  The ability to create a new object directly from another object with a link automatically created between the two is also supported.