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Users can be subscribed to individual objects such as a task or service request, providing real-time or daily summary notifications of changes.  In some tools, users assigned to objects are also subscribed automatically.

Automated change notice subscriptions are a powerful component of collaborative, world-class projects.


When a user is subsribed to an object such as a task or service request, they will receive an email whenever a change is made to that object.  This allows all stakeholders who need to stay informed of changes to project information to stay on top of things, and respond quickly when needed.  

World-class project collaboration requires dependable communication of changes, and is another area that Projectricity excels at.

Change notices are sent by email and provide subscribers with the following types of information:

  • Date and time of change
  • Who made the change
  • Project(s) the object is related to
  • A "before" and "after" version of the changed data values
  • A summary listing of who is subscribed to the object
  • A summary view of all other data elements of the object
  • A link to go to that object